Sunday, March 11, 2007


shooters, die hard, rocky is back, the transformers, the rise of the silver surfer, eragon, evan almighty, browse the internet, there's more, speaking of movies, there is one, its a revival, a ferocious revival, retelling the battle of the 300 spartans under the leadership of king leonidas (or leonides) against a million persians, what makes it better? the actors, special effects and cool CGI's. Leonidas is actually portrayed by Gerard Butler, with a cool beard, he's Ms. Croft's partner in Tomb Raider 2.


talked to jovi yesterday, updated some things and bugged me about the hmci calendar that ive promised him 2 months ago, peace men!, he said that jong narciso and the others was here, jong is actually a member of the mfpi, well known for organizing outdoor eco challenges, by the way he had just resigned from the first philippine expedition team, as a technical guy... nagsawa na siguro, and the former sec. Art did too. anyways jovi said that there will be A FIRST PHILIPPINE DOWNHILL COMPETITION in DUMAGUETE on the 25th of this month. incase you dont know what this is, imagine a mountain bike race and a 40 to 60 degrees downhill route.


ever heard of the words "THINK BIG, GO SMALL"?...well these words best describes the enano, it is actually a 6 by 6 inch (@ 2 inches tall) Computer but with the same power as the desktops. speaking of handy huh. interested? visit their site @ oh another thing, ive heard someone saying, "it isnt on how small it is, but on how you use it", quite a catch, hehehe...

Monday, February 26, 2007


Remember my october 19, 2005 post? The ASUS SLI "Silent Cool Technology" Motherboard... Guess what? I got to install one. It's my friend's actually, the video master, vernonzeth... He bought a P5b deluxe ASUS motherboard (the silent cool technology), with a Core 2 duo Processor, a 1gb ddr, 360GB sata, plus an external one, 17" flat lcd and a cool surround speaker system, speaking of gadgets, hehehe. they shouldve add one more thing to it, AWESOME! the silent cool and awesome board... :)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

flash or flush

another exhibit??? yes, the 27th National Convention of the REBAP (Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines), which will be held in Villa Caceres from Nov. 23 to 26... I am incharge of the multimedia, the hardware setup and ofcourse the presentation, am glad coz i get to exercise my macromedia flash ability, hehehe, but it was hard, why?, coz i hve this little shitty feelin that sucks (low blood ako!) cnt even believe it, thought id flush the whole thing... but i did it!, hehehe, anyways, i get to learn more things bout flash like integrating different applications and before i forget, i would like to thank a special someone for supporting me in my quest of a bit perfect flashy presentation... hope there's more to come.... (il post a pic on my other blogspot bout dis activity)

>>> so, any trouble with your presentations?
want a flashy kind one?
call me, hehehe...
the flashy one, hehehe...